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Public and Private Viking History Tours

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Unveil the mystery of the Swedish Viking History with an expert authorized guide and visit great Viking sites of cultural and archaeological interest. Watch beautiful rune stones and hear the stories they wish to tell you.

Hotel pick up and drop off is included in the tour price.

Smaller walking distances only (40m maximum from the car on the “longer ones”).

See detailed pricing below for PUBLIC TOUR:

Adult Youth Child
Full Day (8 Hours) kr1420 kr980 kr500
Half Day (5 Hours) kr1150 kr800 kr200
Short Day (3 Hours) kr750 kr450 kr150

See detailed pricing below for PRIVATE TOUR:

Adult Youth Child
Full Day (8 Hours) kr2200 kr1400 kr700
Half Day (5 Hours) kr1850 kr1300 kr400
Short Day (3 Hours) kr1250 kr800 kr350
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  • Broby bro, one of Sweden’s most famous Viking burial grounds (included on the 3h, 5h, 8h tours)

    • Learn about and visit Viking burial sites, both pagan and Christian. Hear what the runestones of this site can tell us. Hear about Estrid, a mighty Viking woman.

    Jarlabanki’s bridge, an old, partly reconstructed Viking bridge (included on the 3h, 5h, 8h tours)

    • Learn about Viking lords, their power, and their bridges and road building. Learn more about the mighty Jarlabanke kin group and their influence.

    Arkil assembly site, a Viking parliament (included on the 3h, 5h, 8h tours)

    • Hear about Viking laws, the society of the Vikings, how decisions were made in the society, and how disputes were settled.

    Sigtuna, the oldest town in Sweden (included on the 5h, 8h tours)

    • Visit the beautiful wooden town of Sigtuna, the oldest city in Sweden. Walk among the medieval church ruins, visit the museum, and walk along the big street that still has the same stretch as it had in the Viking age.

    Old Uppsala and its Vendel-era grave mounds (included on the 8h tours)

    • Visit the king mounds at Old Uppsala, one of Sweden’s most important historical places. Visit the former medieval Cathedral and walk among the 11-metre-high grave mounds while the guide goes through its rich and long history.

    City of Uppsala (included on the 8h tours)

    • Take a walk around the biggest church in the nordic countries: Uppsala Cathedral. Sneak inside Museum Gustavianum for a while before heading back to Stockholm city again.