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Visit the most iconic Bronze Age sights close to Stockholm!

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About Your Bronze Age Tour

Get an insight into how life was in prehistoric Sweden around 1500-500 BC. Visit the famous Örsta rock carving, experience impressive Bronze age graves situated close to former waterways. Impressive built up stone cains. Walk within the Swedish hill forts and hear about general life and the lives of the riches. see replicas of findings from the time period.

Hear about folklores the special relationships to pit groves (skålgropar). You will see several preserved ones during this tour, the sacrificial stone holes in folklore named “Fairy mills“ (Älvkvarnar). Also, see few Viking remnants and remains from the Swedish Iron age.

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  • Pick up at your Stockholm hotel (within 5km from Stockholm central station). Then we leave the city to the countryside. We will explore the parish of Vallentuna and starts by visit big Bronze age mounds/stone cains. Here we will come close to a beaves nest.

    After that we explore by a short walk true the forest the Örsta rock carving, one of the few picture rock carvings from the Bronze Age close to Stockholm that have served. Then we climb up a hill and visit a prehistoric hill fort (fortification) and hear about the peoples life’s and believes.

    We go onwards to see different preserved examples of the “fairy mills”. Hear about how they were in use until the early 21th C by local villages in the Swedish forest.

    Hear about the culture, the contacts out in Europe and their society. Explore with us remnants left from this fascinating period and replicas of findings. Some walking are necessary in elevated terrain during this tour to wear good shoes.