Public Åland Islands Tour from Stockholm

Explore Åland Isles' History and the Archipelago

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Explore the History of the Åland Islands

This tour goes to the famous Åland Islands from Stockholm. You get to explore the islands and their history with a knowledgeable guide.

Your guide picks you up at your hotel for a one-hour car ride north from Stockholm to Kapellskär, where the cruise ship awaits and the real fun begins. You embark on a cruise trip (two hours each way) to Åland, viewing the beautiful archipelago and the Baltic Sea.

Åland Islands is a special place belonging to Finland but where almost everyone speaks Swedish. It is a place where a lot of Swedes go for a holiday or a day trip, which you get to do on this tour. On Åland, you enjoy a five-hour transported tour with a guide exploring the isles’ history from before the Vikings arrived until today.

Weather-appropriate clothing and good walking shores are recommended.