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Sweden History Tours

We offer historical guided and transported day tours out into the countryside and nature around Stockholm, as well as city walks and different tours in Stockholm city. We focus on archaeological and historical sites, mainly out in nature. We offer day tours and our focus is to get people out of the city to see the real Sweden. The Stockholm region hosts a whole range of attractive sights, like Viking rune stones, Viking assembly places, burial mounds, both medieval and newer churches, ruins, the countryside itself, the city of Sigtuna and Uppsala and more.

Our historic guided tours are like traveling through time. We want you to experience different historic eras with us. With Sweden History Tours, you not only experience the history of the sites but also the era and its people.

Come travel back in time with us!

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Spotlight on Our Guide: Angus Carlsson

  • Four years of guiding tours about the Vikings and other parts of Swedish History!
  • University courses in Cultural Heritage, Viking language, Old Norse religion.

Standard EU-driving license. (B-körkort)


Are you dedicated to history and culture? Do you like to entertain and educate others? Then you shall apply to become a guide for us. We are always looking for interested people. Please send us an email to [email protected]urs.se with your resume/CV if you have the following qualifications. You may send an application even if you do not have all the qualifications. Motivation is equally important.

* A big interest in history.
* A big interest in Swedish society and culture
* Some studies about the Vikings (if you want to do Viking tours). We can also give you study material that we give you a test on. So you get a chance even if you do not have any previous education on the subject. Four years of guiding tours about the Vikings and other parts of Swedish History!
* Secondary education. Social science or social-science related program.
* Standard EU-driving license. (B-körkort)