Walking tours at the Countryside

Viking, Swedish history or mediveal theme less then 1h away from Stockholm


Would you rather then be trapped in a big city go away out in the contryside but don't know where to go?

Then rest easy! We have the solution for you...


Book one of several walking or biking tours with a local guide living in the area of Markim-Orkesta north of Vallentuna.

The walking tours may have diffirent focus on whom you can choose between.


We offer you several diffirent options, all the walking tours can be taken by bikes (can be rented). They are usualy 5h but can also be booked at 3h or can be extended to 8h if you wish.


We have following tours:

1. Swedish History walking tour

2. Viking History walking tour

3. Viking and Mediveal history walking tour


They are 5h or 8h and can also be done by a bicyckle who you can hire from us.

And the best of all, they are situated less then one hour away by comute transports from Stockholm!!!

Take some hours away from the stressful city and walk in the beautiful countryside and visit the real Sweden wish us.


1. Swedish history walking tour (5h/8h)

Visit a mediveal ruin and hear about king Gustav Vasa who raised a rebellion aginst the danish king and took the conutry by force. He invited reformatiors from Germany and reformed the chuch from a chatolic chuch to a protestantic chuch.


Se viking age runstones and hear the story they have to tell about the life in the Viking age. Hear about the vikings, their life and how they burried their dead at the gravefield.

Visit a runstone bridges and a viking gravefield.


Last but not least a mediveal romanesk church from around 1100 AD (can be opened if you book more then one week in advance). Inside you can se unicly preserved mediveal wall paintings from mid 15th C and an over 2m big cross dating from 1325 AD.


2. Viking age walking tour (5h/8h, two diffirent locations can be chosen)

Hear about the mighty vikings and their society. This is something for you who really want to dig deep into the viking history of Sweden.

Se real authentic viking age runstones and hear the story they have to tell about the life in the Viking age. Hear about the vikings, their life and how they burried their dead.


Viking walking tour place 1 (5h/8h); Travel to Vallentuna 25km north of Stockholm (less then one hour). Visit a well preserved viking age assembly sight named Arkils Assembly sight and hear about the laws and the Viking nobels.

Then take a walk thrue the villa area to a runstone bridge once 150m long.

While passing a church from 14th C AD (might visit if open) we work our way to the ancient gravfiled of Broby Bro.

Se a ancient viking age gravefield and the runestones telling about the dead at the sight.


Viking walking tour place 2 (5h/8h):

Travel futher onword out to the real the countryside of Sweden to the former UNESCO World Heritage listed parishes Markim-Orkesta.

Walk among the traditional red barns and open fields. Hear about the viking life and how if affected the enviroments and see the farms at the same locations as 1000 years ago.


On this tour we will visit some runestones beloning to diffirent powerfull nobels. Visit remenants of viking age longhouses and one of the biggest carvings in the Stockholm area.

Take a visit to a viking gravefield and hear about how they burried their dead and see a lot of runestones and runes on your way. It will be time for the visitors to practice to read and learn a copple of runes on this tour. A more relaxing alternative.


3. Viking and Mediveal history walking tour (5h/8h)

You can choose between two diffirent sights, it will be at the same locations in the area of the same sights as the Viking tours.

The diffirence will be a focus also on the mediveal chuches (one from 1100 AD and one from 1250 AD).


Here you have the oportunity to make a unice visit to one of the otherwise closed coutry churches shattred across the contryside of Sweden.


On Viking tour one you will visit the church of Vallentuna or Täby.


On Viking tour two you will visit the church of Orkesta.

Walking tours in Stockholm Gamla Stan (Old Town) (New)


Do you want to walk in the old town with an expert guide at the town and the mediveal period? Then you're at the right place!


On this your you will enjoy the capital of Sweden

and see the old town in a new way.

Walk along the streets of Old Town and se all the stuff hidden away only known by our expert guides.


(More information comming soon)

Walking tour in Sigtuna (New) - The oldest town in Sweden

Less then 1h from Stockholm by car.


Explose the oldest town in Sweden with us. Walk along the narrow streets in one of a few wodden city centers left in Sweden.

Explore the city and enjoy a guided tour from the Viking days until today.


Here about the cities founding in the Viking Age around 870-980AD and about the mediveal town that grow up around the kings court.


See the first minting place in Sweden. Hear about the viking town, the early mediveal kings moving around the countryside and the early Swedish church.


Explose with us the buzzing mediveal trading streets, the combmakers and smithies, from year 1000 and 1100 and walk their excact stretchings along Stora Gatan.


Visit the oldest brick church still standing in the Mälardalen and Stockholm region (13th C AD).


Gasp the three mighty ruins from three early 12th C churches still standing today. Hear about the horrors excavators have found at St Lars chuchyard.


And last but not lest get a guided tour and visit the local museum where finds from the cities history are shown!

More Walking tours to come.








Angus Carlsson

* 4 years of guiding about the Vikings and other parts of Swedish History!


* University courses in Cultural Heritage, Viking language, Old Norse religion.



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